More Testimonials

“Michael had been biting, hitting, hair-pulling, kicking, pinching, scratching and knocking over other children - even larger ones. After a month of implementing these tools, there were dramatic changes in his behavior. He is now relaxed, playful and focused. The biting and other negative behaviors have totally stopped.” ~The Gray Family, New York

“Every parent, caregiver, teacher, and anyone who's interested in a knowing how to deal with an Aspergers Syndrome child should download the Aspergers Comprehensive Handbook.”   ~Julie, Texas

“I have a 5-year-old son with Aspergers. I was ready to pull my hair out and was tired of him telling me what to do and tired of yelling at him in return. Then I came across your handbook, which was heaven sent. I saw improvements after the first week of implementing some of the parenting strategies. I was waiting for him to fight back - and then there was nothing.”   ~Miss Turner, U.K.

“I found the book really interesting and informative. I am giving copies to a couple friends of mine who also have Aspergers children, more so because you explain everything in plain English, which is a refreshing change.”   ~Daniel, Australia

“I was so tired of treating my Aspergers child the way I did. I could tell it wasn’t good for him and I felt so guilty. I didn’t know there were other options until I found this handbook.  After using the parenting tools in the handbook, I feel like a new person. The guilt and shame is gone, and I feel proud of what I'm doing for the first time in 7 years!! I can’t begin to express how grateful I am.”   ~Rhonda, Chicago

“I just want to sincerely thank you for all your efforts and dedication with this handbook, which has been so incredibly helpful to me. My son was just diagnosed with Aspergers at 3-years-old, and I was devastated. But your information has been incredibly insightful, and I don't feel alone!"   ~Katherine, California

"Parenting my Aspergers child used to be a big struggle for me. I was always trying to "soothe" and please him. That just wasn't working. After following some of the ideas in the ebook, my whole parenting-style changed. I'm so much more relaxed now, and my son is doing so much better is so many different areas."   ~Jeanie, Australia

"Since using the tools outlined in the Aspergers Handbook, I feel a lot better about myself as a parent. Not only is my son progressing with leaps and bounds - but so am I."   ~Robert, U.K.

“This book is so easy to follow and is structured in a way that really helps parents of Aspergers children learn not only what to do, but how to do it in small bite sized chunks so that each layer adds another dimension of parenting skills. The concrete examples make it easy to grasp how to apply the presented skills in a real situation. When parents are stressed, it is often easier to revert to whatever is in our existing tool box, even when it is inappropriate. The information in the Aspergers Comprehensive Handbook makes it very simple to skill-up and to implement new strategies even when we, as parents, are feeling overwhelmed by the enormous responsibility of parenting a child with this disorder.”   ~Janice, California

"I really need to say that I have very much enjoyed the Aspergers Handbook. You have a unique ability to get inside the minds of these special people and be their voice. This is a great help for the average parent who struggles to understand what is happening inside their Aspergers child’s head. The information on the “school system” also helps parents to realize they are not alone in this confusing world, nor are their kids as terrible as they can appear. I would recommend this handbook to anyone looking for help in this area."   ~Michael and Kami, U.K.

"As a social worker who has worked with AS children for over 10 years, I was thrilled to see a resource that will help children navigate the complexity of communication and social interaction. Children with AS often struggle in finding a way to be understood and to understand how to fit into the world around them. Your handbook helps parents to help their children in this area."   ~Kristi, New York

"I just wanted to say you did a fantastic job with the Aspergers Comprehensive Handbook. You have given me more information on Aspergers than the 'professional' people here in my area. I am truly grateful that I found your website and eBook."   ~Richard and Jeanine, Australia

"I’m very impressed with the information in your Aspergers book that I downloaded this morning. I had to devour the advice as soon as I opened it. It’s not very often that I find another parent of an Aspergers child on my wavelength, so when I find a like-minded individual, especially one who is spreading so much good news, I’m very much impressed."   ~Marcy, Florida